Our Program


Our goal at Little Bears Playhouse, Inc., is to provide children under our care with these opportunities through a child-centered program.  Hands-on experiences allow children to express themselves as individuals and to expand their ideas about the world around them.  We have designed a program and daily schedule for your child that provides the appropriate balance between early education, which prepares your child for their education career, and free play time, which allows opportunity for children to foster friendships and develop life skills.

For infants and toddlers (12 months through 3 years), our goal is to provide an increasingly interesting and stimulating environment that allows children to develop physically, mentally and socially.  For preschoolers (3 – 5 years), the program is designed to enhance learning through activities that focus on the child’s interests.  By providing developmentally appropriate activities and choices, the preschool child will pick up on letter recognition, basic number concepts, pre-writing and other pre-primary skills.

Children also develop life skills through activities such as playing in the housekeeping area, building with blocks, reading books, role playing and working with other children in a cooperative setting.

We strive to provide individual attention to each child using an emergent learning philosophy to encourage all areas of development and engagement.