Meals & Snacks

Parents are required to provide lunch for their child. Little Bears will provide breakfast and an afternoon snack daily. Food is prepared on site and served family style. Menus are posted monthly on the kitchen door and by the sign-in sheet and meet the USDA nutritional requirements. Milk is served at every breakfast and lunch. Milk, 100% fruit juice or water is served for snack. The children assist with the setting of the table and are provided with bowls or plates for each item. They learn to serve themselves, how to pass the food around the table and pour milk and juice (toddlers, too!). They are encouraged to try all food offered but food is never used as a reward or punishment. Children then clean up after themselves.


Parents are required to provide lunch for their child. The following policies apply to the lunches being served:

  • Lunch must be self-serve. We are unable to heat up food dishes.
  • Lunches must contain at least one of the following five items:
    1. Protein: meat, cheese, yogurt, egg, peanut butter, lentils
    2. Grain: bagel, bread, muffin, pasta, rice, pita
    3. Fruit: real fruit, not fruit snacks or roll ups
    4. Vegetable: or you can substitute two servings of fruit
    5. Milk (provided by Little Bears)
  • If you supply a drink, it must be 100% fruit juice
  • Do not put items in glass containers
  • Do not pack candy or foods high in sugar or fat

The family’s role in the lunch program is important for the health and development of the child. Helping children by sending a lunch that can be managed independently promotes self-sufficiency and builds confidence. Parents should pack his/her child’s lunch with success in mind. To help reduce the amount of waste and to promote responsible environmental habits, it is recommended that each child’s food be sent in plastic containers that can be reused. We will try to send uneaten food home so parents know accurate amounts of food eaten by the child.

Sample menu ideas:

  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • banana and apple slices
  • ham and cheese sandwich
  • carrot sticks and applesauce
  • hard-boiled egg
  • crackers
  • an orange
  • fresh broccoli